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Ya Raiheen

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Marwan Abado oud, voice
Joanna Lewis violin
Miki Liebermann guitar, bass
Georg Graf winds
Peter Rosmanith percussion

With “NARD” (cube) and a band that boasts prominent musicians, the “Palestinian from Ottakring” has once again created a bridgehead linking Arab musical tradition with Western-style jazz and European classical music. The composition of the band promises pure musical enjoyment: Miki Liebermann was long-time electric guitar player with Kurt Ostbahn’s Chefpartie and is considered one of the best female jazz guitarists in Austria; Joanna Lewis with her Koehne Quartett is one of the most renownedinterpretersof contemporary classical music in Europe. The solid foundation is ensured by percussionist Peter Rosmanith, Abado’s long-time duo partner, and Georg Graf, a versatile wind instrument musician in the Austrian world music scene rounds off the band.